Year of Engineering

Welcome to the Activity Zone

Engineering is all about making, and this Activity Zone is packed full of challenges and projects to get kids thinking and building like engineers. With activities set by the RAF, the Science Museum, FIFA, and more, it’s the perfect place to bring out their inventive side.

Let’s get making!


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See how engineering turns gummy worms into Frankensnakes!

Kids Invent Stuff Rube Goldberg Challenge

We're looking for your ideas for one stage of a giant chain-reaction machine!

Ghastly ghosts

Learn how you can use engineering to make ghastly ghosts dance!

Halloween slime

Make your very own super stretchy slime to spook all your mates!

Build a Mini Greenhouse

Learn how to make your own mini greenhouse!


Learn how to make your own kaleidoscope!

DIY Science Balloon in a Bottle

Is it possible to blow up a balloon inside a bottle? We show you that it is!

Floating Balls

Learn about propulsion with this floating ball activity.