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A collection of 5 videos of people who work at Cammell Laird, the shipyard responsible for the building of the RRS Sir David Attenborough.  They range from early career apprentices to those who have worked their way up the ladder to be Principal Engineer.

Computing | 16-18yrs

This activity asks students to consider the biology of cancer, and to use the information they research to produce a document summarising their main points. Dr Eleanor Stride is developing a treatment for cancer that encloses cancer treating drugs in bubbles that can be directed by magnetic fields to the cancer site before releasing the drug using ultrasound.

Science | 14-16yrs | Engineering | Biology

In this lesson, students look at fluctuations in electricity sources by analysing large data sets.  A student sheet is provided, containing data downloaded from MyGridGB - Charting GB Energy .  This site provides current data on sources of electrical power and the site campaigns for reducing carbon emissions. This lesson is suitable for students aged 14-16.

Physics | Science | 14-16yrs | Engineering

In this predict-observe-explain activity, students explore different ways of extinguishing a flame with some surprising results. The lesson is introduced with the video of engineer Yusuf Muhammad. Yusuf is developing a revolutionary new household fire-safety device, incorporating the techniques of professional firefighters into everyday kitchen plumbing. His device extinguishes fires fast and aims to save lives.

Chemistry | 11-14yrs | Science | Engineering