Your support in spreading awareness about the Year of Engineering is very important to us. So, we’ve created a range of resources to make it as easy as possible for you to get involved. Please help us spread the brilliance of engineering far and wide by sharing the following assets across your channels.

There are two types of assets for you to use. Please ensure you are using the correct one for each channel:

Campaign assets (tier one) are for use when you are directly engaging with young people, parents and/or teachers. Stakeholder assets (tier two) are for when you are communicating your affiliation with the Year of Engineering – often internally or with stakeholders.

Our partner survey has been designed to help evaluate the impact of the campaign to date and also seek feedback on what we could do to improve. We would value your time and input to this.

In order to measure the positive impact of our work and discover what’s worked best we have also partnered with the Institution of Mechanical Engineers to develop a simple tool that we can all use to help measure the impact of our events.

An introduction to the year of engineering


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Year of Engineering partner video


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An introduction to the Year of Engineering

Year of engineering resources