Year of Engineering

Welcome to The Holiday Makers

This half-term, we’re encouraging children across the country to get making, inventing and having fun over the holidays.

The Holiday Makers hub is jam-packed with fun and free engineering-inspired activities and events that will help to entertain your children and keep them busy over the holidays. Engineer a great half term with the Year of Engineering.

Let’s get making!

Your holiday journal

The holiday journal is the perfect way to record your child’s Holiday Makers progress.

The way it works is simple: when they complete an event or activity, just get them to colour in one of the sections. On the next page there’s space to write a note to keep track of all the amazing things they have done over half-term.

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Build a Mini Greenhouse

Learn how to make your own mini greenhouse!


Learn how to make your own kaleidoscope!

DIY Science Balloon in a Bottle

Is it possible to blow up a balloon inside a bottle? We show you that it is!

Floating Balls

Learn about propulsion with this floating ball activity.